DiscussCategory: QuestionsWhat should I do in college to prepare myself for a big 4 job?
Justin Griffiths Staff asked 8 months ago

Hi. I’m a sophomore and I want to know which student societies I should join in college to best prepare myself for getting a big 4 job straight out of college. Also, when should I start attending career fairs and getting internships?

Dave SanofiDanoww Staff replied 8 months ago

Yeah you should do everything right now (I assume you’re starting sophomore not finishing?). Sophomore is the time, junior could too late dude

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GurajSingh1GurajSingh1 Staff answered 8 months ago

For me I think the best thing that you can do is to join as many clubs as you can as early as you can. It depends then if you attend a target school or not, because target schools I think make it a lot easier to get into the big 4 because they recruit directly at your school from those clubs. Join the accounting or business society (even if that’s not your major) or a fraternity.

Michael StephensMichael Stephens Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Justin! You should concentrate on a few specific tasks which will pay huge dividends down the line:

  1. Attend every possible event related to the Big 4 and network extensively
  2. To make the above possible, join some societies and/or fraternities (and attempt to become an executive member)
  3. Try and attend Big 4 summer leadership programs and internships
  4. Get experience outside of your major so that you will appear to be a well rounded candidate
  5. When the time comes, undertake as many mock interviews as possible

Oh and just have fun! Don’t spend all your time worrying about your future career…