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NeenjiNeenji Staff asked 7 months ago

Since starting in the Big 4 realm, upon completion of grad school, I have worked at two firms (one FT one internship). Since I’ve started my new job, there is one jack ass who does not see the benefit of changing old ways, incorporating new ideas, in order to make work flow more efficient.
I am not a mean person, and I have tried every way to negotiate with him. At this point it seems he is so hard headed that he is acting irrational. Everyone else within the firm has warned me that he is the old school grouch that listens to no one, and I have tried every rational logical way to try and connect with him.
Any thoughts? Any suggestions?
Backstory: I have always found flaws that are easily fixable, and everyone from the analyst all the way to the partners have had great gratitude for me streamlining the process and make the work more efficient, except for this guy.

Dave SanofiDave Sanofi Staff replied 7 months ago

He sounds awful. I’ve got one of those exact grouches at my office. I literally asked not to work with him anymore.

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Michael StephensMichael Stephens Staff answered 7 months ago

The best advice I can give is the stay gracious. This boss is in charge (for now) and arguing or upsetting them will only make your life worse. Feel free to continue to suggest ideas to the partners and if they are good then you will be recognized. But also try and learn from this person, if only understanding how not to manage when you are in that same position.