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Just 5% of Big 4 applicants are hired each year.

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With Big 4 Career LAB, you’ll have over 100 years of combined Partner and Senior Manager recruiting experience right behind you.

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Before working with Big 4 Career LAB I felt like a typical confused millennial stuck in a chronic state of stress. But thanks to them, getting my PwC internship was easier than I could have imagined!

– Jenna, PwC Intern

Complete Big 4 Guide: Interview, Networking, Application [250 Pages]

Price: $159

There are three pieces to the Big 4 hiring process jigsaw: Networking, Personal Branding and Interviewing. You need to master them all to even have a chance at securing a Big 4 career. It’s no good having a 4.0 GPA if you struggle when speaking to people. It’s no good dressing in the best suit if your resume is untidy....

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Mock Interview

Price: $199

Have you thought about how you’re going to practice your interview technique once you’ve secured an interview with the Big 4?  It’s vital that you do. Where else can you secure a mock interview with a Big 4 Partner or Senior Manager? Think about it, you wouldn’t go into a finals exam not having done any specific question practice, so...

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Resume/Cover Letter Rewrite

Price: $399

Your resume and cover letter are the most important career documents you will ever write. For the Big 4 they need to be perfect. Can you say without a doubt that right now your resume and cover letter are perfect? Imagine what your resume and cover letter would look like if they were rewritten by someone who reviews Big 4...

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The Ultimate Big 4 Career Pack

Price: $697

The ultimate Big 4 career pack for the serious candidate. This is what you'll get... First, we'll assign you a Big 4 Partner or Senior Manager that will guide you through the process. You will have access to your mentor for the duration of the period. Then, we'll send you the complete set of Big 4 Career LAB guides, covering Networking,...

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Networking Guide

Price: $39.00

Whether you attend a target school, non-target school or you’re an experienced hire, networking with the Big 4 is imperative. How else will you get on the list (you know about the list, right?). Learn first hand the many incredible ways we’ve seen candidates network their way to a Big 4 career.

Personal Branding Guide

Price: $39.00

Your Big 4 resume and cover letter are not as good as you think they are. How do we know? Because we review hundreds of applications every year and 99% should be better. What about your LinkedIn profile? What about the way you brand yourself when meeting in-person? Learn how to perfect every aspect of your personal brand, because it’s a necessity if you want to secure that Big 4 interview.

Interview Guide

Price: $39.00

There are five types of questions that you could be asked in a Big 4 interview. Do you know how to answer each one? Do you know the exact method by which a Big 4 interviewer will score you during the interview? If not then this is the guide for you. Learn every Big 4 interview secret we know (there’s a lot), and practice with over 100 real Big 4 questions.

Complete Guide Pack

Price: $99.00

The three vital pieces of the recruiting process in one place: Networking, Personal Branding, Interviewing. This equals over 40,000 words and 100+ years of Big 4 Senior Manager and Partner recruiter experience all in one place. This is the most complete and comprehensive guide to the Big 4 hiring process available anywhere.

Mock Interview

Price: $109.00

What’s more valuable than 100+ years of Big 4 recruiting experience distilled in a comprehensive guide? Having one of the people that wrote the guide interview you and provide structured and actionable feedback. If you really are serious about your Big 4 career then you must refine your interview technique. You must understand what will get you the job and, more importantly, why you might fail.

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Resume and Cover Letter Rewrite

Price: $139.00

Your resume and cover letter are the most important documents you’ll ever write. Recruiters are extremely busy and will find any reason to tear up your resume. Having a professional in the field who has reviewed hundreds of applications and knows exactly what is required rewrite your resume is priceless. This is the only way you can guarantee that your application will be top of the pile.

The Ultimate Career Pack

Price: $419.00

Would you benefit from a Big 4 Partner or Senior Manager rewriting your resume and cover letter? How about if they also provide a mock interview with real, actionable feedback? What about unlimited access to all of our guides? For good luck, how about we throw in a free half hour career strategy session? The Ultimate Pack is for people who are deadly serious about their Big 4 career.